Maine residents set to vote on dental bond

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Residents in Maine are preparing to vote on a 5 million dollar bond to improve dental care services in the state.

The bond would be used to improve access to affordable services, create more dental clinics and build a dental school in Maine. Currently, there is a shortage of dentists, especially in the north of the state and officials have been trying to recruit newly qualified dentists in rural areas; students are more likely to stay in the area they train and study in and Maine does not have a dental school so the state is missing out on recent graduates. As a consequence of the shortage, many patients are forced to wait for treatment or travel long distances to see a dentist.

Residents will be asked to vote either in favour of the bond or against it in November and groups are currently campaigning to get people’s votes. Those in favour of the bond are trying to convince local residents that Maine needs better dental health services and the money will be used to benefit all Maine residents.

A new dental school would also enable new clinics to open because the students would form part of the workforce; this would enable people to access reduced rate care, as well as providing excellent professional experience for the students. Supporters of the bond also claimed that private investors would offer money in addition to increased federal funds if the bond was accepted. Early indications show that the majority of people are in favour of the bond.



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