Luton dental team urges patients to make an appointment during Mouth Cancer Action Month

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A dental team based in Luton is encouraging patients to make an appointment this November in support of Mouth Cancer Action Month.

The team from mydentist in Dunstable Road is urging patients to pick up the phone and book a check-up this month in support of the Oral Health Foundation’s annual mouth cancer campaign. Rates of oral cancer are increasing year on year and the number of cases diagnosed in the UK has sky-rocketed in the last decade. More than 7,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, which equates to an increase of almost 40 percent in just ten years.

Clinical director, Nyree Whitley, said that the incidence of oral cancer is alarming, but patients can dramatically reduce their chances of developing mouth cancer by being more mouth aware. Although mouth cancer kills more people than testicular and cervical cancer combined, many people are unaware of the causes and symptoms. Attending regular dental check-ups will ensure that any symptoms are spotted early, increasing the chance of successful treatment by up to 90 percent.

Across the country, dental teams are providing information about mouth cancer, encouraging patients to take note of the risk factors and warning signs and hosting free screening events.

The Dunstable Road mydentist clinic is currently accepting new NHS patients and anyone who is interested in registering is encouraged to contact the practice directly.



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