London Dental Clinic Puts up Massive Meghan Markle Billboard on M25

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A Harley Street-based dental clinic have attempted to cash in on the Royal Wedding fever sweeping the nation by proclaiming that they can make patient’s teeth “Sparkle like Meghan Markle”.

The bold billboard, seen as commuters and tourists alike travelled down the M25, also wished Markle and husband-to-be Prince Harry a truly wonderful wedding from Your Dentist.

Greg Brewsher noted that they have seen a huge upswing in the number of patients looking to have a smile like that of Markle, saying that her beautiful smile and public interest has caused her to supplant Cheryl Cole at the top of the list of celebrity smiles.

This comes in the wake of a number of companies, big and small that are taking advantage of the big occasion, including sushi, biscuits, Marmite and Beer among others.

Whilst some either like or understood the need to catch the public fervour, others were decidedly less impressed, wondering how much was “too much”.

Economists estimate that the wedding will provide a boost to the economy of up to £80 million.

For Your Dentist however, the advert was meant to be a celebration of Markle’s smile and the wedding in a fun way.



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