Lindsay Lohan Fixes Her Smile Following Criticism in the Press

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Hollywood starlet, Lindsay Lohan, has reportedly visited a dentist to fix her smile, following unflattering images published in the press.

The actress is believed to have taken time out from her shoplifting course to visit a dentist, after her teeth were shown to be chipped and badly stained.

The 25 year old was seen recently on the red carpet and photographs of her unhealthy looking smile were published shortly after. On October 14th, the star took leave from the shoplifting programme to attend a number of dental appointments, after admitting that she was “mortified” by the pictures.

Lohan’s probation report confirms that she attended a series of appointments and dentist, Dr Pankaj Singh, told reporters that it looked like the Mean Girls star had emergency treatment to improve the aesthetic of her smile and from recent photographs, the dentist suggested that Ms Lohan had a set of veneers fitted to cover her stained teeth.

An insider said that Lindsay was desperately upset when she saw the photographs because she did not realise how unattractive and unhealthy her teeth had become. Lindsay’s father Michael told a US chat show that his daughter had ended up with stained, rotten front teeth as a result of taking drugs.

The young actress has a colourful past and she has recently had her probation revoked after missing several appointments at the Downtown Women’s Shelter in Los Angeles. She will appear in court again on November 2nd and a judge will decide if she will spend time in jail.




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