Introducing the world’s first hands-free toothbrush, Amabrush

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The inventor of the world’s first hands-free toothbrush, Amabrush, claims that his new innovation could save people hours every year.

The brush, which claims to provide an intensive clean in just 10 seconds, takes all the effort out of brushing and polishing, and could enable us to save hours spent in the bathroom. The creators of the brush claim that achieving a deep clean is as simple as pressing a button and waiting for 10 seconds.

Research suggests that we spend an average of 108 days of our lives brushing our teeth, but this revolutionary device, which resembles a hairy mouth guard, could decimate this figure.

The Amabrush design features three key components, including a silicone mouthpiece, a hand-held component and capsules of toothpaste, which are attached when you’re ready to clean your teeth. The brush is made from gentle bristles, which are designed to give a powerful clean without damaging the gums or the tooth enamel. The toothpaste capsules can be reused and they last up to a month. The brush also boasts battery life of up to 2 weeks if you brush twice-daily.

The brush emits strong vibrations and every surface of every tooth is covered during the 10-second clean.

Dr Sameer Patel, clinic director at Elleven Dental, said that the device could prove beneficial for those who struggle to fit 2 minutes of cleaning into their morning and evening schedules.



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