Illegal dentist who treated patients in B&B kitchen is prosecuted

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A woman pretending to be a dentist has been prosecuted after a patient complained about receiving treatment in a dirty kitchen at a B&B in Blackpool.

Lynda Collins, who has no dental training and is not registered with any professional bodies, was offering dental treatment at The Gynway Guesthouse in Blackpool when she was reported to the General Dental Council. Ms Collins was brought to the attention of investigators by Melanie Taylor, a former nurse who now works as a hospital assessor. Mrs Taylor came across Collins on Google after searching for a dental technician in the local area. She had broken her denture and was unable to see her usual dentist, who advised her to try and find a local technician because she was due to give a speech that day.

Mrs Taylor came across a link to Central Dental Laboratory, but was shocked to find that the address took her to a guesthouse. During her time at the hotel, Mrs Taylor said she was taken to a small, dirty room, which had a sink in it that was covered in paint and her denture was brought to her in a tea towel. Collins also attempted to make a mould for the denture, which caused Mrs Taylor considerable discomfort. Nothing was sterilised and Taylor said she stored her equipment in what looked like an old ice cream tub.

After her experience, Mrs Taylor contacted the General Dental Council. Investigations confirmed that Collins was not a registered dental professional and was therefore supplying illegal dental services. In court in Blackpool, Collins said she had no recollection of treating Mrs Taylor and said that found the investigation “mindboggling.” She admitted to running a small lab, which she said she used to help out friends, and said that she kept no records. She was fined £180 and ordered to pay costs amounting to £590.



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