Hungarian Dental Practice Opens In London

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A Hungarian dental practice has opened in London following huge success in Budapest. The Smilesavers clinic has opened to build on the increased demand for treatment at the Budapest location from dental tourists in the UK.

The clinic opened once a week to begin with, but has quickly become very popular and is now open to patients on a full-time basis. With prices considerably lower than private dental fees in the UK and a 30 minute consultation costing just £17.50 it is no real surprise that the clinic has proved a hit, especially in London where prices are among the highest in the UK.

UK representative for Smilesavers, Simon Purchall, said that the clinic has been very busy from the off and is now open full-time to cater for the growing demand. Mr Purchall said that the clinic offers the same high quality treatment, which has been attracting patients from the UK to Hungary for many years, but without the hassle of having to travel overseas.

Mr Purchall revealed plans for expansion following the success of the London clinic and said that there was no reason “why we can’t expand up north as well.”

Mr Purchall said that the fees some dentists were charging were extremely high and there was a market for lower price, high quality dental care. Smilesavers has been flying patients from the UK out to Hungary for many years now and they have seized upon the popularity of the clinics and established a clinic at home, which offers great value, as well as the convenience of being treated on home turf.

The clinic, like all clinics in the UK, is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.



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