Houghton Regis dental practice to host superhero-themed fun week for local children

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The team from a Houghton Regis dental practice is on the lookout for local superheroes to help them celebrate Children’s Fun Week.

The staff at Obex Dental is preparing to host a week of fun events and activities to get children involved in dental health and encourage them to pick up good habits that will help them keep their teeth in check. The team will be dressing up as their favourite superheroes and they’re on the hunt for children to join their club. Children are actively encouraged to dress up, and there are all kinds of activities planned with amazing prizes, including a trip to Disneyland Paris, on offer! There will be fancy dress and colouring competitions, as well as games and fun, informal informative sessions.

The aim of the event, which runs from the 12-17th February, is to make going to the dentist fun and show kids that there’s nothing scary about having a check-up.

The team is hoping to see lots of local children during the week and they’re optimistic that parents will see it as a great opportunity to book check-ups for their children. Check-ups only take a few minutes, and they can make such a positive difference to a child’s oral health. Taking kids to the dentist from an early age enables them to get used to their surroundings and it also reduce the risk of dental anxiety, as well as oral health problems, later in life.



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