Health Campaigners Launch New Battle Against Sugary Food

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Health campaigners have launched a new battle against sugary foods; the Consensus Action on Salt and Health, which was responsible for the campaign against high levels of salt in foods, has now waged war on sugar with the launch of the Action on Sugar.

The group has joined forces with medical experts and organisations to call for sugar content of popular foods to be reduced; it has already criticised the government for failing to draw up a coordinated plan of action to tackle obesity and sugar consumption and has created a ‘name and shame’ list of manufacturers, which includes Pepsi and Coca Cola, Cadbury and Mars and Heinz.

Professor Graham MacGregor, chairman of the campaign group, said that foods produced by many of the leading brands contained “shocking” amounts of sugar and dietary habits are contributing to obesity and related health complications, as well as oral health problems, such as tooth decay.

The group is calling for a significant reduction in the sugar contents of products available for sale in the UK and claims that a reduction of 20-30per cent is viable within the next five years.

In response to the campaign, manufacturers and suppliers claimed that sugar was not the cause of obesity; Barbara Gallani, from the Food and Drink Federation said there was no single cause of obesity and the industry is working to reduce obesity and encourage healthier lifestyles.



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