Has the Meghan Markle effect contributed to a rise in the popularity of cosmetic dentistry?

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For many years, patients have visited their dentist with a particular celebrity smile in mind. Cheryl Cole and Kate Middleton have previously inspired an upward turn in the popularity of cosmetic dental treatment, but it seems that the Meghan Markle smile is now the most coveted look.

Dr Krystyna, a cosmetic dentist based in London, said that there has been an influx of patients hoping to emanate the glamorous actress’ smile since news of her relationship with Prince Harry broke. As the royal wedding date looms, Dr Krystyna said that there had been a definite increase in interest in Meghan’s smile.

Meghan has attracted plaudits for her sense of style and natural beauty, and Dr Krystyna said that her beautiful but authentic smile was an increasingly popular look. The mega-watt Hollywood style has been replaced by a more natural look favoured by Meghan and her future sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge. She has a broad, symmetrical smile, with bright, shiny white teeth, which look radiant. Dr Krystyna said that Meghan’s famous smile complies with the mantra that the smile should ‘not be whiter than the white of your eye.”

In line with the popularity of natural looks, Dr Krystyna suggested that there had been a slight decrease in the number of patients asking about veneers, with more ‘conservative’ treatments such as Invisalign invisible orthodontic treatment, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding becoming more popular.



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