Halifax student’s clips of £42 veneers he bought online goes viral

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A brave student from Halifax who uploaded clips of a set of £42 veneers he bought online has become a viral sensation. Ben Watson, 19, was shocked when he received the veneers, which he ordered from a website that promised a perfect smile. At first, Ben was distraught, but he decided to share his story online to warn others of the perils of online shopping.

Ben had sent moulds of his teeth and subsequently assumed that he would receive a high-quality product that fitted perfectly. However, when we opened the package, he was greeted with a set of veneers that was reminiscent of something off a slapstick comedy sketch. The veneers didn’t look natural at all, they didn’t fit and Ben couldn’t even keep them in his mouth.

After initially feeling very upset and disappointed, Ben saw the funny side. A clip of him trying to keep the veneers in his mouth filmed by his friend, Molly, has since become a viral hit. More than 20,000 people have watched the videos.

Ben decided to tell people about his comedy veneers to try and prevent others from falling into the same trap. Although he now admits that the situation is “hilarious”, he spent a substantial amount of money and he doesn’t want other people wasting their money on a sub-standard product that is worlds away from the promised flawless smile.



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