Growing number of dental practices are underperforming in Peterborough, NHS statistics reveal

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A growing number of dental practices in Peterborough are underperforming, according to NHS statistics.

Data from NHS England suggests that 14 of the 23 Peterborough clinics that have general dental service contracts are on course to miss targets for 2017/2018. This represents an increase from 7 underperforming practices in 2016/2017.

Head of commissioning at NHS England Midlands and East, David Barter, explained that practices fail to hit targets when they don’t deliver the agreed level of patient activity stipulated in the NHS contract. Speaking to the city council’s Health Scrutiny Committee, Mr Barter said that there are currently several practices, which are failing to deliver on the requirements of their contracts. As a result, NHS England is meeting with contract holders to discuss potential problems, and find out why it’s proving so difficult to comply with the agreement. Mr Barter said that his team is also hoping to help those who are struggling to find ways of increasing activity in line with their contracts.

An NHS England report stated that patients in the area are experiencing problems related to access to NHS dental services. Patients have raised concern about both urgent and routine care. Following the publication of the report, an additional cash injection of £156,000 was made available, but it seems that problems are persisting. Local councillors are worried about the lack of access to services, and the impact this could have on standards of dental health in the area.



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