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The Shirley Glasstone Hughes Trust Fund has awarded £160,000 worth of grant funding to two research projects. The studies will focus upon the role anxiety plays in clinical decision making and the impact of the difference choices of linings used under amalgam fillings.

Dr Peter Thornley a dentist based in Birmingham was awarded £81,849 to make a 3 year study upon the effect of different linings during fillings procedures, to help dentists find the very best choice for their patient’s oral and overall health.

Dr Helen Chapman, a Solihull based dentist received £77,357 to conduct a 15 month study to examine the reasons for dentists’ anxieties and how these problems affect patient care and health. She also hopes to create a package of  ‘coping skills’ to help dissipate the ‘fear factor’ often involved in clinical decisions.

Both projects were chosen by a panel of experts following a intensive peer review.

Professor Liz Kay speaking on behalf of the SGH Management Committee, Chair of Trustees of the fund said, “ The grants provided by the Shirley Glasstone Hughes Trust Fund seek to advance the role of evidence in everyday clinical practice and expand the research base that underpins dental care.

We are delighted to be providing grants to two further projects which seek to achieve those goals. Our congratulations go to both winning bids, which have been selected from a very strong pool of entries.”




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