Funding for improved oral health services in Teesside

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More than 6,000 school children are set to benefit from better oral health services, after health bosses successfully secured funding from the British Dental Health Foundation.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust was one of 12 successful applicants for funding from the Wrigley Tooth Fairy Fund and the British Dental Health Foundation. The money will enable health bosses to provide additional support and better oral health services to 59 primary schools and eight special needs schools in the area, which covers Middlesbrough, Hartlepool Cleveland and Redcar.

The funding will also be used to create and develop oral health education strategies, which will be aimed at children aged seven and 11 year olds. The trust is already working hard to promote oral health education and reduce rates of decay through programmes such as the Adopt a School Programme, which links dental practices in the area to local schools.

Dr Nigel Carter said that funding for oral health education and oral health services was extremely important. Teaching young children about oral health will hopefully help to reduce rates of decay and improve standards of oral health in the future.



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