Free Dental Clinic has Provided Over a Million Dollars Worth of Treatment

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A free dental clinic has offered over one million dollars worth of free dental treatment, it has been revealed.

The Kelowna Gospel Mission Community’s free clinic has been up and running on a full-time basis since 2009. The clinic depends on volunteers offering their time and expertise and works in partnership with the University of British Columbia dental faculty.

Shirley Goebel, the director of Dental Services, said that the demand for free dental services is vast, with numbers consistently high. With the help of dental professionals in the area, the clinic is able to cater for a large proportion of the community and dentists take heart from being able to help people in need.

Since it was established the clinic has helped more than 4,500 people and the demand is growing, as more and more people struggle to afford treatment as a result of troubled financial times and high rates of unemployment.

The clinic aims to provide care for people who would otherwise be forced to go without, because they do have insurance and cannot afford to pay for treatment.




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