Dentists Flock To Help 20 Year Old Who Lost Her Teeth In A Cycling Accident

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The story of a 20 year old woman who lost her front teeth following a cycling accident has touched the heart of the nation, with several dentists offering their services free of charge.

Alex Kerr appeared in the national and local press after she was told that she would have to join a waiting list for treatment to replace her six missing teeth, but now, just one week after the story broke, she is all smiles. Since Alex’s story was picked up by the media, several dentists have come forward and offered to help restore her smile.

The 20 year old was involved in a serious accident when she was cycling home from work; she lost her front six teeth and also dislocated both knees, snapped her wrist, broke her pelvis and suffered extensive cuts and bruising. After a lengthy recovery in hospital, Alex was told that she would have to join a waiting list for dental implant treatment and advised that she may be liable to pay for treatment, which would cost £12,000.

After seeing Alex’s story in the papers, Dr Hennie van Jarsveld and Dr Wynand de Jager from Brooklands Dental Centre, offered to provide Alex with treatment free of charge and she is now looking forward to enjoying a brand new smile.

Before the story broke, Alex was worried that she would never feel confident again, after spending the last few weeks shying away from people as a result of the impact of her accident. She said she felt very conscious of her missing teeth, which affected her confidence, and also experienced difficulty with eating.

Now, Alex is looking forward to visiting the practice for implant treatment. During the treatment process Alex will wear a custom-made denture, which as kindly been provided by Bridge Rite Oral Design Ceramics’ Jon Won. Alex has also been offered sedation for the lengthy course of treatment courtesy of Andre von Backstrom, from Sedation Solutions.



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