Dentists Embark on Exciting Way to Save Halloween Tooth Decay Horror

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On Halloween it’s tradition for everyone to have a little fright; but for dentists it provides a whole new horror. For dedicated dentists the 31st October is always a restless night, as thousands of children across the world are allowed to gauge on sticky, sugary, tooth-rotting sweets all in the name of tradition.

However, for dentists across America the night will be a little easier this year. The Halloween Candy Buy Back Program is not a new idea but this year the program has become more popular than ever as dentists use the opportunity to make a difference whilst saving their young patients from mass tooth decay.

The Halloween Candy Buy Back Program was introduced to cut down on the amount of tooth-rotting sweets that children scoff at this time of year whilst promoting national pride and encouraging children to be supportive of the troops fighting wars across the world in their honour.

During the event children are able to bring candy to their dentist where the sweets will be traded at a rate of $1 per pound for new, unopened treats. The goodies will then be sent to Operation Gratitude, a Military support centre, which will box them up, along with other treats such as scarves and hats, cereal and beef jerky as well as necessities such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. The gift packages will then be sent to American troops representing their country across the world. Children are also encouraged to send cards or write letters of support to the troops to send along with their donated candy. In return the children receive a goodie bag and a little extra pocket money.

Dr Edward Logan’s family dentistry in Ohio is joining the plight this year as thousands of dentists and orthodontists across America offer to buy back extra Halloween candy from children aged between 2 and 12.

Orthodontist Martin Weinstein will also be participating in the buy back event. He says, “Doing away with excess sweets altogether would really give your teeth a healthy boost.”

Buy back events will take place across America in the days following Halloween. Dr Logan will hold his event on the 2nd November at his local practice, giving children a couple of days to enjoy their favourite treats before giving the rest up in the name of charity. Children can bring up to five pounds in weight of candy making up to $5 which is not a bad wage for doing a good deed.



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