Dentist Offers Free Treatment For Cyclist With Damaged Teeth

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A cyclist who had his front teeth knocked out has been offered free dental treatment by a generous dentist in Portland, Oregon.

Andy Sweeney, 20, was cycling through Portland when he was struck by a traffic cone, which was thrown by teenagers. Mr Sweeney was hit square in the mouth by the flying cone, resulting in serious damage to his front teeth. He posted a photograph of his damaged smile on a social networking site, with a caption asking which other areas of Illinois to avoid.

The post quickly became viral and was then picked up by Tim Oberlander from KGW News; he paid for temporary crowns using a credit card, but support quickly flooded in and people donated to help Andy pay for treatment. Mr Oberlander said that he was ashamed that such an incident had occurred in his hometown and he wanted to help Andy, who had only moved to Portland four weeks before the incident.

Shortly after Mr Oberlander launched a bid for funds for Andy’s teeth, the people of Portland had contributed $1,600, but the donations will not be necessary as a local dentist has offered to repair Andy’s teeth free of charge.

Fellow cyclist Scott Edgar, a dentist from Portland, said that he felt awful when he saw Andy’s story and wanted to help. Andy said that he is not sure what he is going to do with the money that was raised, but insisted that he was extremely grateful. Police are investigating the incident.



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