Dental tourism booming in the Holy Land

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The Holy Land has long been a popular destination for Christian pilgrims but now tourists are flocking to the city for very different reasons.

An increasing number of tourists are combining a journey to the Holy Land with dental treatment, as costs are significantly lower and people can benefit from a holiday as well as their treatment. Currently, a patient can enjoy a fortnight’s holiday in the Holy Land and dental treatment for the same price as the treatment alone in the USA; patients from the North of Europe and the UK will also benefit from similar savings.

Israel has become a popular destination for dental tourism mainly because of the attractive prices but also because the country has a lot to offer tourists. Israel also boasts a number of state of the art clinics and exceptional standards of patient care. The option to travel abroad is particularly attractive to American citizens because dental care is so expensive and many people don’t have insurance plans that cover costly procedures. American agencies are now working in tandem with Isreali travel companies and dental professionals to provide customers with complete packages, which cover their treatment as well as their transport, accommodation and any additional tours they wish to go on.

Experts recommend using an agency as they use approved dentists and clinics; if you book independently you may not get the protection offered by an agency and there may subsequently be problems. Patients are urged to research their treatment thoroughly before they decide to go ahead and book it; they should always use approved dentists and it is important to take additional costs, such as transport and accommodation for follow up appointments, into the original budget. 



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