Dental phobic bride-to-be plucks up the courage to see a dentist in time for her big day

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A woman who was so scared of going to the dentist that she tried to repair her own teeth using superglue has plucked up the courage to have dental treatment in order to have a perfect smile for her wedding day.

Mavis Nelson-Chapman has been terrified of going to the dentist since she was a child, but she was desperate to have a flawless smile for her wedding. After years of avoiding the dental chair and attempting DIY repairs at home, Mavis finally confronted her fears and she was able to showcase a stunning new smile on her big day.

Mavis developed a fear of the dentist after seeing a locum when she was young. She ended up needing treatment in hospital, and has been fearful ever since. There are times when she has been scared to sit in a dental chair that she has superglue to try and fix her teeth.

Although Mavis dreaded going to the dentist, she was determined to feel confident on her wedding day, and she decided that it was time to face her fears and get the treatment she needed to give her that beautiful smile she dreamt about.

Mavis said that before she had treatment to address her extensive dental issues, she would speak with her hand over mouth because she was so self-conscious about her smile. She didn’t want to feel like that on her wedding day, so when she agreed to marry partner, Stephen, she decided to see a cosmetic dentist. Stephen had been diagnosed with cancer and after 18 years of being together, the couple wanted to tie the knot and Mavis arranged a consultation at Dovetail Bespoke Dental Solutions in Newcastle. After spending £25,000 on treatment, which was provided by Dr Rob Wain, Mavis’ new smile has changed her life. It wasn’t just about how she looked on her wedding day, but most importantly, how she and Stephen felt. Stephen could see how confident she was, and she looks back at the photographs and videos and doesn’t feel ashamed about the way she looks.



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