Dental Association Disappointed by Fluoride Decision

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Representatives from the Dental Association in New Zealand have expressed disappointment, after council members voted to stop fluoridating water in New Plymouth.

The council voted eight to five in favour of stopping water fluoridation. Geoff Lingard, professor of the association, said that it was a very “sad” day for the people of New Plymouth. The association has always supported the use of fluoride because it helps to reduce rates of decay, with Lingard saying that fluoridation can help to reduce rates of decay by up to 30 percent.

The council voted to use the fluoridation for an oral health education programme for children. The decision has been applauded by Fluoride Action New Zealand and co-ordinator, Mary Byrne, said that the vote represented a landmark decision. Byrne said that the decision would help to make New Zealand a cleaner, more environmentally friendly place.

New Plymouth is not the first council to vote against fluoridation; Ruapehu District Council recently voted to stop fluoridation in Taumaranui.




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