Deepcar MP Fights to Save Local Dental Clinic

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Angela Smith, MP for Stocksbridge and Penistone, is fighting to keep a Deepcar dental clinic in business after patients received letters warning that the practice, which provides care for 1,500 patients, will only be continuing treatment for patients who are already undergoing treatment. The letter advised patients to look for a new dental provider.

Ms Smith said that she was “extremely concerned” about the situation, especially as the alternative practices suggested by the NHS are located some distance away from Deepcar, which will leave patients facing a long trip to see the dentist.

The practice was only opened a few years ago and enables patients in Deepcar to receive high standards of dental care in a modern, comfortable setting. Closing down the service would inevitably leave some patients with no option but to travel to see a dentist. There is also the issue of access, as some patients may be unable to find NHS practices that are accepting new patients in the local area.

In response to the news, Ms Smith has called for the NHS to take action to save the surgery and ensure that residents in Deepcar continue to have access to high quality NHS dental care on their doorsteps.



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