Construction begins on new multimillion pound health centre

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Construction workers have moved onto the site of the new Airdrie Community Health Centre, which is due to open next year.

The health centre will cost 27 million pounds and will house nine GP practices, as well as a dental practice and a host of other health services, including physiotherapy and podiatry, paediatric and dietetic services.

Ian Ross, from NHS Lanarkshire, said that it was great to see work starting on the site; the new health centre will be one of the largest in the country and the facility will have a significant impact on local people. Mr Ross said that the opening of the new centre will change the way community health services are operated in the area and the system will be greatly improved, with patients able to access services without having to travel long distances. The centre will serve around 50,000 patients.

The community health centre will open on the site, which was formerly used by Somerfield supermarket; the facility will offer a range of health services and the site will also have offices and shops.

Construction is now underway and health chiefs are hoping that the centre will open next summer.



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