Comfort Dental Offer Free Christmas Eve Care

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Comfort Dental will be performing dental care free of charge this Christmas as part of an annual festive tradition.

Offices all over the USA will be hosting free dental clinics on Christmas Eve to bring some festive cheer to those suffering from dental pain.

This will be the 30th year Comfort Dental has offered free dental treatment at Christmas. Last year, offices in several different states took part in the event and thousands of people turned out for the free clinics, with many standing patiently in line for hours to secure an appointment.

The Care Day event will be celebrated across eleven states this year, with more than 100 offices taking part. The clinics will run from 7.30am on Christmas Eve and there are no restrictions in place.

Appointments will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and dentists are expecting long lines to gather well in advance of the opening time.

A range of basic treatments will be on offer and patients with more complex needs will be referred for treatment.

Dr Abe Miller, from Mesa, Arizona, is one of those dentists taking part in the Christmas clinics; he said that he is happy to give up his Christmas Eve to help those in need and is very proud of the difference Comfort Dental’s Care Day makes to local communities.



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