Californian dentist files lawsuit against Nobel Biocare

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A dentist from California is suing Nobel Biocare, a Swiss company that manufactures dental implants.

Jason Yamada is acting on behalf of a number of dentists and their patients; in a 26 page file, Yamada’s lawyers listed the complaints of a number of dentists and patients and stated that Nobel Biocare had manufactured faulty and defective dental implants, which had caused patients to suffer negative side-effects and complications. As a result of complications caused by Nobel Biocare’s dental implants, patients were also forced to pay for restorative dental care, according to Mr Yamada. The suit also states that Nobel Biocare was aware of the defects, but was marketing their product as a safe and effective restorative device.

The lawsuit has proposed a class action, which would offer protection for thousands of dentists across the USA who have used the dental implants manufactured by Nobel Biocare. The products were investigated by the Swedish Medical Products Agency in 2005 and 2006 following complaints from patients who had suffered from bone loss after having the implants fitted. The investigation found that the product was safe but advised Nobel Biocare to revise its marketing strategy and the instructions included with the product.

Nicholas Wiedmann, spokesman for Nobel Biocare, said that the product was completely safe and the company would fight the lawsuit filed by Mr Yamada in Los Angeles. Mr Wiedmann said the product had been cleared and approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency and subsequently the company was confident that they would win the case.



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July 27th, 2010 at 08:47 PM
Katie Says :

Another horror medical story, but this time with dental implants. I couldn’t imagine anything worse, I had an abcsess develop under a filling because the dentist didn’t clean everything out properly after a root canal treatment. the pain was excruciating but nothing, I imagine, as bad as it could be should a dental implant go badly. You would think with the stringent medical standards in place today things like this wouldn’t happen. The fact that they still do is quite scary.

April 27th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Doug Says :

I am sure its all the dentists fault that you root canal failed…..often a failing implant will have very little in the way of pain…