California Dentist Hikes through Nepalese Mountains to offer Dental Care

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A dentist from California has swapped his Auburn office for remote Nepalese villages to provide dental care for people in need.

Dr Ed Weiss has been visiting remote areas of the world for over 20 years to provide much-needed dental care for people with no access to dental services. Dr Weiss first got involved in volunteering after a visit from The Flying Doctors in 1993.

Over the years he has visited a host of exotic destinations, including Papua New Guinea, The Marshall Islands and he recently returned from an adventure in Nepal. The team flew into Kathmandhu and took a short connecting flight to a town called Fablu. He then hiked for two days to reach remote communities in the mountains. The team had to deal with difficult terrain, altitude and heavy dental equipment, including a compressor.

Dr Weiss is due to share his experiences in Nepal at the AAUW’s International Dinner on Friday.

He said that volunteering is an amazing way to see the world and visit places you would never usually travel to. Dr Weiss’s wife, Barbara, has also accompanied him on a trip to Nepal in the past and the couple are looking forward to sharing their stories with colleagues and friends at the dinner on Friday.



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