Cairns Man Counting the Cost of Headbutt

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A man from Queensland is facing a bill of more than $9,000 after he was headbutted by a jealous woman, when she spotted another woman talking to her boyfriend outside a football club in Cairns.

Temeika Lee Grulke was angered when she saw another woman talking to her boyfriend at the Ivanhoe Leagues Club. The woman left club and asked her brother to walk with her to the car park as a result of Grulke’s threatening behaviour. Grulke approached the pair and preceded to headbutt the man, knocking out his front teeth and leaving him with more than $9,000 of dental damage.

Grulke, an 18 year old cleaner from Mackay, appeared in court and pleaded guilty to assault and was ordered to pay $9,160 in compensation to the victim, in addition to a fine of $1,000.

Grulke appeared at Mackay Magistrates Court, where the judges heard that the other woman had felt threatened by Grulke’s behaviour after she became jealous of a conversation between the woman and her boyfriend.

The man suffered extensive dental damage and required intensive treatment to replace his missing teeth and restore other teeth affected by the blow.




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