Budapest tops list of popular dental tourism destinations

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Budapest has become the most popular destination for dental tourists, according to recent figures.

The Hungarian capital city offers state of the art facilities and innovative new treatments at a fraction of the price of the same treatments in Northern and Western Europe. Typically prices are up to 60 percent lower than in the UK and Scandinavia and patients can save thousands of pounds, even after paying for flights and hotel accommodation.

Eastern Europe has benefitted enormously from dental tourism and the industry is booming; as demand increases, the number of dentists and modern surgeries are increasing and patients now have more choice than ever before. In tandem with the rise in popularity of dental tourism, a number of specialist agencies have now been established; these travel agencies offer patients packages, which include accommodation, flights and dental treatment for a fixed price. Similar offers are also available for those considering cosmetic surgery abroad.

Budapest has become so popular because the standards of care are extremely high and the costs are significantly lower than in other European countries. The dentists are highly trained and offer all the latest treatments; patients have also commented on the exceptional standards of patient care and customer service.

Dental tourism has many advantages but dentists in the UK are warning against the potential dangers of travelling to a foreign country for treatment and are urging patient to research both the treatment they are due to have and the dentist and clinic they are using thoroughly. The cost of treating a bodged operation will be much higher than the original cost of treatment in the UK so it is important to choose an approved clinic with a good reputation; it is also important to remember that you may need follow-up care and you should include the additional flights and accommodation in your budget. 



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