Bolton dentists pay schoolchildren a visit

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Dentists from Synergy Dental, Bolton, have paid local children a visit in a bid to improve dental hygiene and reduce rates of decay among children in the area.

Head dentist, Dr Richard Ho and dental nurse, Farah Pycroft, took a trip to the Olive School to teach children some good dental habits, which they can put into action at home. Richard and Farah showed the children how to brush their teeth properly, they offered some tips and tricks, and they were happy to answer questions from the children. The duo also talked to the kids about sugar content and the impact eating lots of sugary foods can have on your teeth and gums. They were also on hand to make suggestions for healthy food swaps.

The Synergy team decided to visit the school as part of this year’s National Smile Month campaign. The campaign is run by the Oral Health Foundation, and it aims to raise awareness of the importance of good dental habits in both children and adults. The key messages are to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, to clean between the teeth, to see your dentist on a regular basis and to keep an eye on how much sugar you consume.

Dr Ho said that he hoped that the children had lots of fun, as well as learning valuable lessons, which should reduce their risk of developing cavities in the future.



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