BDA urges Pilot Dentists to stick with New Plans

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The British Dental Association has urged dentists participating in new pilot projects to be persistent and stick with the pilot programmes.

The BDA’s general dental practice committee chair, Dr John Milne, said that the pilot scheme will inevitably throw up challenges, which dentists should be prepared to tackle. Dr Milne has also urged dentists to face the challenges and find effective solutions throughout the process so that the government has an accurate perspective of what works and what doesn’t work after the pilot scheme comes to an end.

Dr Milne also said that the NHS should provide adequate funding for the pilot programmes and government ministers should realise that dentists want to spend more time caring for patients, rather than filling in forms and doing administration. Milne also added that the pilot scheme will result in a ‘win-win’ situation for patients, dentists and the NHS if the programme is successful.




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