Americans heading overseas for dental treatment

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The rising cost of dental treatment in America is forcing an increasingly large number of Americans to consider having treatment abroad.

Dental treatment is becoming more expensive in the USA and many people cannot afford basic treatments, let alone costly cosmetic treatments. Even those with dental insurance are struggling to cope with the cost of dental treatment and many are now taking the plunge and heading overseas for dental treatment.

Dental tourism is booming across the world, as people look for ways to save money; patients from Scandinavia, Western Europe, Australia, America and New Zealand are the most frequent travellers, as costs are highest in these countries. Destinations, such as Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary are popular with European tourists, while Americans tend to head for central and South America and many tourists from Australia and New Zealand visit clinics in Asia.

For American dental patients, a quick trip across the border into Mexico or a short plan journey to South America can save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. Sheila Linar is just one of many patients who took the decision to travel abroad for dental treatment; she had extensive dental problems and was quoted a fee of $14,000 for treatment, even though she had dental insurance. She decided to go to Costa Rica for treatment and paid just $3,600 for the same treatment; she managed to have a holiday, as well as the treatment, for considerably less than the original price quoted by US dentists.



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