American dentists stocking up on left over candy

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Halloween has been and gone but for many dentists the days after the Halloween holiday are amongst the busiest in the year.

Across America, dentists are collecting left over candy to raise money for local charities and contribute to supporting troops abroad. A huge number of dentists in the USA are offering buy back schemes, which encourage kids to exchange their left over candy for money or small toys.

The aim of the buy-back scheme is to encourage children to consume fewer sugary treats and raise money for good causes as a result; the consequences are positive for both the children involved, because the scheme promotes good oral health and the charities benefitting from the buy-back programmes because they get money and a higher profile, which will help to raise more money in the future.

The period after Halloween is also a busy time for dental professionals because many children complain about tooth ache and sensitive teeth; over the course of Halloween most children indulge in a huge amount of sugar, which damages the enamel surfaces of the teeth and can contribute to tooth ache and oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease in the long-term.



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