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    I am using PolaNight teeth whitening (the 16% one) which my dentist gave me, i am meant to be doing it for two weeks.
    I have done it for two nights, and I was about to do it for the third when I noticed in the mirror that on one of my bottom teeth the gum has receded so much I can see the root of the tooth. Before i began the treatment the gum of this tooth had not receded at all in the slightest. I have not done the treatment since I noticed the receding.
    Could the gum receding be linked to doing the teeth whitening? I want to continue with the whitening, being very cautious of this tooth in the process, but I am a little petrified to continue with it incase it is the Polanight making my gum recede and it does it to any of my other teeth's gums.

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    I would recommend you stop the whitening and see your dentist immediately to review the situation. He will be able to give you ideal advice as he would able to see your mouth.

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