Oral B Professional Care 500 : Electric Toothbrush

The Oral B Professional Care 500 toothbrush is the ideal product for those that want an easy to use brush, which has all the benefits of other electric toothbrushes. The Professional Care 500 toothbrush removes twice as much plaque as normal manual toothbrushes; this helps to reduce the risk of oral health conditions, including cavities and gum disease.

The Professional Care 500 brush removes plaque gently but effectively; it won’t harm the enamel surfaces of the teeth and won’t damage the gums. Removing plaque and bacteria will also help to protect against tartar, which forms when the plaque hardens. Electric toothbrushes like the Oral B Professional Care 5000 are believed to have a greater affect when removing such stubborn bacteria from teeth.

The Professional Care 500 brush also targets surface stains on the teeth; using this brush will break the stains down gently and make the teeth look whiter and healthier. This toothbrush is suitable for everyone and it has a handy 2 minute timer in the handle; this will help people to brush their teeth thoroughly.

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