Oral B Professional Care 1000/7400 : Electric Toothbrush

The Oral B Professional Care 1000/7400 brush is one of the most sophisticated brushes around and boasts a huge range of impressive features.

This toothbrush has one daily cleaning programme and is fitted with a specially designed head, which cups each tooth individually, providing a more intense cleaning process which remains gentle enough to prevent damage to the teeth. The brush can reach places that are usually missed during brushing with normal toothbrushes, meaning more plaque and bacteria are removed; studies have indicated that this toothbrush removes around 99.7 percent of bacteria from hard to reach areas on the mouth.

This toothbrush produces 40,000 pulsations each minute and oscillates more than 8,000 times per minute; this maximises cleaning and ensures no part of the mouth is left untouched. The toothbrush is fitted with a two minute timer, which makes it easier for people to ensure they brush their teeth thoroughly and also has a unique pressure sensor, which alerts users when they are brushing their teeth too forcefully.

The Oral B Professional Care 1000/4700 is rechargeable and has a battery life of around 10 -14 days. There are two possible brush heads for this toothbrush; a dual clean and precision clean; the toothbrush comes with one of each type of head.

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