Wisdom Dental Floss Mint and Waxed

Wisdom dental floss has a refreshing mint flavour that leaves your teeth feeling clean, and also has the added benefit of an invigorating minty taste. Wisdom dental floss is designed to target those hard to reach areas, providing effective cleaning to difficult places. This floss can aid in the effective removal of plaque and food particles, which if not adequately monitored can lead to gum disease and the decay of teeth; tooth decay is prevented courtesy of the fluoride content in the dental floss.

The Wisdom dental floss is of a waxed quality to ensure that the floss slides easily between the teeth, and can even be used around the gum line to ensure that your teeth are cleaned thoroughly.  1.5% of fluoride is used on the floss which helps in the prevention of cavities and the efficient removal of debris. The Wisdom dental floss is of a thin nature, making it narrow enough to fit in between tight spaces and is ideal for those who have trouble cleaning those stubborn areas.

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