Antiplaque Round Dental Floss

Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque Round Dental Floss has been specially formulated to fit in between smaller gaps between the neighbouring surfaces of the teeth. It works in exactly the same way as Antiplaque Flat Dental Floss but it is designed to slide between narrower gaps.

Tom’s Antiplaque Round Dental Floss is made of a strong combination of fibres, which are woven together. The additional strength that is achieved through weaving and tight bonding prevents snagging and fraying, which will prevent the floss from getting stuck, as well as improving the efficiency of the floss.

Antiplaque Round Dental Floss is a natural product, which is enhanced by a blend of natural waxes, including beeswax, carnauba wax and jojoba wax. These help the floss to glide smoothly through the gaps between the teeth. The floss also contains myrrh, which leaves the mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Antiplaque Round Dental Floss is flavourless, making it suitable for those with sensitive gums and allergies. Dental floss should be used as part of a daily hygiene routine, which should also include using mouthwash and brushing the teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time.

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