Thornton Periodontal Floss : Dental Floss

Thornton Periodontal Floss is specially designed to be used by people with periodontal disease and other gum ailments, but is suitable for anybody with large gaps between their teeth and for cleaning under bridges or around braces. The product is made up of three parts; a built-in ultra stiff threader, an extra thick brush section and dental floss. For this reason, it comes in pre-cut threads.

The ultra stiff plastic threader is used to guide the floss between the teeth, or under bridgework or around braces. The extra thick brush is designed to clean large spaces between the teeth caused by gum recession, and sweeps away food particles and plaque. The floss is then used to scrape the sides of the teeth to remove any remaining plaque and to clean under the gum line.

Thornton’s Periodontal Floss comes in three flavours; mint, regular and unflavoured. It is available in both a dispenser box and a travel bag.

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