Thornton 3in1 Floss : Dental Floss

Thornton’s 3in1 Floss is an all purpose, everyday use dental floss. As well as cleaning between teeth, Thornton’s 3in1floss can be used to clean under bridges and around braces. It consists of three parts; a stiffened plastic threader, a spongy filament brush and soft nylon floss. Because of its multiple parts it comes in pre-cut strands.

The stiffened plastic threader works to guide the brush between the teeth, or under bridgework and around braces. The brush is then designed to sweep out food particles and plaque from between the teeth, and the floss part is used to scrape the sides of the teeth to remove any further plaque and clean the gum line. The overall effect is a very thorough clean with a floss that is easy and comfortable to use.

Thornton’s 3in1 Floss is available in mint flavour as well as regular and unflavoured. It comes in either a dispenser box or a travel bag.

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