TePe Interdental Brushes - The Original : Dental Floss

Interdental brushes are a great alternative for people who dislike using dental floss. TePe’s interdental brushes have been specially developed in collaboration with Swedish and international dental experts. They boast a unique handle which is the result of an extensive research programme, and provides a comfortable and firm grip to make use easier. The brushes are made of specially selected filaments which ensure efficient cleaning and durability.

TePe’s original interdental brushes come in nine sizes, all of which are colour coded. They have recently made improvements to their four smallest sizes, which now have the innovative G2™ neck. This allows further durability and better access to the back teeth in particular. All of TePe’s interdental brushes come with plastic coated wires for safe, gentle cleaning, and caps to maintain higher levels of hygiene. These caps also double up as extensions to the brush handle.

TePe Original interdental brushes are available in packs of six and eight. They can be bought in many online stores as well as in some chemists and supermarkets.

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