TePe Soft Dental Tape : Dental Floss

TePe’s Soft Dental Tape is a wide, flat dental floss which allows you to hold onto it better and makes it less likely to slip through your fingers during use. Despite this it is still just as flexible as regular dental floss. TePe’s dental tape is not waxed, which makes it more suitable for people who are comfortable with and experienced at using dental floss. However, it still glides easily between the teeth, even through very tight contact surfaces.  The tape is very strong and is made with non-shred technology so that it is unlikely to separate into strands between your teeth during use.

TePe Soft Dental Tape comes in two different containers, one large and one small. The normal sized container holds 25m of tape whereas the pocket sized container only holds 2m and is ideal for taking on holiday.

TePe’s dental tape is available in many online shops and in selected supermarkets and pharmacies.


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