TePe Proximal : Dental Floss

TePe Proximal is ideal for people who prefer to use an interdental brush with a longer handle. Some people find it difficult to reach and clean between their back teeth properly using a regular interdental brush, and require a longer handle for extra manoeuvrability. The product consists of a handle similar to that of a normal toothbrush, and replaceable, interchangeable brush tips which snap into the handle.

With the TePe Proximal you can choose between two different angles to get the best access to all your teeth. The interchangeable brush tips come in five different sizes and are colour coded. This colour code corresponds with TePe’s interdental brushes. The brushes can be used several times but should be replaced when they become worn. It is not advised to use toothpaste with TePe Proximal™ since it contains abrasives. The brush tips are plastic coated for safety and comfort.

The TePe Proximal is available in many online stores and in selected supermarkets and pharmacies. It may also be stocked by your dentist or orthodontist.

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