Mini Flosser : Dental Floss

The TePe Mini Flosser is a dental floss holder designed to make life easier for people who find it difficult to use regular dental floss or dental tape. It is pre-loaded with a strong dental floss which can be used several times (though you must rinse it between uses). The Mini Flosser has a specially designed bite plane to enable better access to tight and narrow interdental spaces. Easier access to the interdental spaces may be obtained by applying gentle pressure to the bite plane with the opposing teeth. Its handle is designed to fit comfortably into the hand, and offers several different easy-grip options.

The Mini Flosser is loaded with a strong, soft, durable dental floss which glides easily between even very tight contact surfaces. It also comes with a practical travel pack making it ideal for taking on holiday. It is available in many online stores and selected chemists and supermarkets.

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