TePe Interdental Brushes - Extra Soft : Dental Floss

Interdental brushes can be a fantastic alternative for people who dislike using dental floss, but they can be just as uncomfortable for others. This could be for a number of reasons, but TePe extra soft interdental brushes aim to eliminate some of the main elements of discomfort with a normal interdental brush. They are made with specially selected, extra soft filaments to give you a very gentle clean. This makes them suitable for people with delicate oral tissues or inflammation and for patients with mucosal sensitivity, unlike regular interdental brushes which can be quite rough. Of course, they are also suitable for people who just prefer a softer interdental brush.

As with all of TePe’s interdental brushes, the extra soft range comes with TePe’s unique handle which gives extra grip and comfort during use. The brushes come in six colour coded sizes and plastic coated wires for extra safety and comfort. They also come with a cap which protects the brush and doubles up as a handle extension.

TePe’s extra soft interdental brushes come in packs of eight and are available online and in selected chemists and supermarkets.

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