Sensodyne Interdens dental sticks

Sensodyne Interdens dental sticks are used to remove plaque from the gaps in the mouth that may be missed during brushing; dental sticks target the gum line and the cracks between the teeth, where plaque tends to collect. Once plaque starts to build-up the bacteria in it produce harmful acids which attack the enamel surfaces of the teeth and contribute to conditions including gum disease and tooth decay. Removing plaque on a regular basis prevents build-up and helps to protect the teeth and gums against harmful oral health conditions.

Dentists recommend using Interdens dental sticks on a daily basis as part of a good daily oral hygiene routine, which also includes brushing the teeth for a period of two minutes twice a day and using mouthwash on a regular basis.

Interndens dental sticks are made from Norwegian wood; they are coated in a special formulated medical substance, which helps to kill off bacteria and leaves the mouth feeling clean and fresh.

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