Sensodyne Gentle Expanding Dental Floss

Sensodyne Gentle Expanding Dental Floss has been specially formulated to remove plaque from hard to reach areas without damaging the gums or the surfaces of the teeth.

Gentle Expanding Dental Floss is covered in gentle wax, which helps the floss to glide easily through the small cracks and crevices between the teeth; the wax prevents the threads from getting stuck between the teeth and also makes it easier for the floss to be passed along the gum line.

Sensitivity is usually the result of the enamel surface of the teeth becoming worn; this can be prevented by removing harmful bacteria from the mouth. Flossing helps to remove traces of bacteria and food deposits that have been missed during brushing; often the brush cannot reach the corners of the mouth, the gum line and the gaps between the teeth and these areas consequently become havens for bacteria. Sensodyne Gentle Expanding Dental Floss can be used to break down and remove these bacteria and will help to prevent oral health conditions.

Gentle Expanding dental floss should be used on a daily basis in order to promote good oral health. The floss has been specially formulated for people with sensitive teeth; it is gentler than other types of floss and will help to protect the teeth and gums.

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