Reach Total Care Floss : Dental Floss

Reach Total Care is the one and only kind of dental floss to make use of micro grooves that are of a proprietary flexible nature. It is because of these unique micro grooves contained in the Reach Total Care floss that twice the number of plaque is able to be removed than with the Crest Glide dental floss products. The enhanced technology used in Reach Total care floss allows the floss to grab the plaque more easily therefore aiding in the prevention of gingivitis and other types of gum problems that can arise due to poor oral health.

Reach Total Care floss has a refreshing mint flavour which will leave your mouth with a fresh and clean feeling after flossing. Reach Total Care is enriched with Listerine, flavours making your flossing experience more beneficial to your teeth. Reach Total Care Floss can be purchased from a selection of renowned online stores but is not as yet available in the UK.

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