Reach Gentle Gum Care Mint with Fluoride : Dental Floss

Reach Gentle Gum Care is a unique type of dental floss that offers luxury gentleness when treating the gums and is specifically woven to benefit those who may have trouble with bleeding gums when cleaning their teeth when using floss. The Reach Gentle Gum Care tackles over 52% more plaque than many of the Glide floss range, and is essential in the job of preventing gingivitis and other diseases that can pose danger for the health of your teeth and gums.

This gentle floss has a refreshing mint flavour leaving your mouth hygienic and refreshed after flossing. The floss is especially woven, with a pleasant mint flavour, and provides excellent care for the gums with its use of fluoride. Reach Gentle Gum Care with mint and fluoride can be purchased online from all the usual places and will also likely be found in your local pharmacy.

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