Reach Clean Paste Icy Mint : Dental Floss

Reach Clean Paste Icy Mint is truly an innovative way of flossing as it is a floss with a formula similar to that of tough cleaning toothpastes. Reach Clean Paste Icy Mint is equivalent to brushing between your teeth with a toothpaste and toothbrush, and this is in no small part due to the special paste that is exemplary in tackling plaque and food particles which can find their way into the areas around teeth.

However, the Reach Clean Paste Icy Mint has no toothpaste residue like you will find with normal toothpaste, which is a major boost for some. The Reach Clean Paste has an icy mint flavour which leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed following your daily oral hygiene routine. As with the rest of the Reach dental floss selection you are unlikely to find Reach Clean Paste Icy Mint in your local convenience store and may have to set your sights online.

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