Reach Dental Floss : Dental Floss

Reach is a brand of dental care products and a division of the worldwide renowned Johnson & Johnson Company. The Reach dental range has achieved a great level of popularity in the US thanks to its effective and affordable goods. Reach dental products are manufactured by Mc Neil PPC and offers a complete line of dental flossing to fulfil your specific dental needs.

Reach dental flosses offer a diverse cleaning method through its innovatively created flosses that cater for a range of dental issues, and they of course work wonders in the removal of plaque and food particles. The Reach range of dental flosses include Reach Total Care, Reach Dental Gum Care with Mint and Fluoride, Reach Dentotape, Reach Clean Paste Icy Mint, Reach Clean burst Icy Spearmint, Reach Mint Waxed and Reach Access Flosser.

Here is a comprehensive guide to each of the various types of flosses that Reach has to offer:

Guide to Reach Dental Floss

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